This a list of movies where the critics ratings were much higher than both the RT audience ratings and the IMDB audience ratings.

Ghostbusters (2016) 2,18,72,100

IMDB: 5.3, RT Aud: 53%, RT Critics: 73%

Ghostbusters does an impressive job of standing on its own as a freewheeling, marvelously cast supernatural comedy -- even if it can't help but pale somewhat in comparison with the classic original.

The Phenom (2016) 22,31,66,100

IMDB: 5.2, RT Aud: 39%, RT Critics: 78%

Powerfully acted and emotionally affecting, The Phenom proves a baseball movie can step away from the mound and still deliver a heater down the middle.

Wiener-Dog (2016) 27,15,77,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 76%

For filmgoers predisposed to enjoy Todd Solondz' brand of black comedy, Wiener-Dog won't disappoint -- but those put off by previous works need not apply.

Goat (2016) 27,25,68,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 77%

Goat isn't an easy watch, but its thought-provoking themes, talented cast, and all-out intensity offer rewards for viewers willing to tough it out.

Results (2015) 15,20,73,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 36%, RT Critics: 83%

Results moves stubbornly at its own deliberate pace, but the well-chosen cast -- and writer-director Andrew Bujalski's insightful observations -- offer rich rewards for patient viewers.

Chi-Raq (2015) 20,27,94,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 50%, RT Critics: 80%

Chi-Raq is as urgently topical and satisfyingly ambitious as it is wildly uneven -- and it contains some of Spike Lee's smartest, sharpest, and all-around entertaining late-period work.

The Nightmare (2015) 26,33,71,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 43%, RT Critics: 70%

Part documentary, part thriller, The Nightmare works just well enough in both respects to deliver a uniquely disturbing viewing experience.

Last Days in the Desert (2015) 26,31,72,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 76%

Last Days in the Desert offers enough stately grandeur and spiritual exploration to offset an occasionally ambiguous narrative.

A Very Murray Christmas (2015) 12,31,65,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 36%, RT Critics: 78%

A Very Murray Christmas preaches effectively to the converted with a parade of superstar guests and hummable songs that - combined with the host's trademark presence - adds up to a unique holiday experience.

Tales of Halloween (2015) 12,34,65,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 79%

Tales of Halloween boasts a number of fun scares and is overall more consistent than many horror anthology films, even if it isn't quite as dark or nasty as the classics of the genre.

We Are Still Here (2015) 17,31,83,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 95%

Smart, powerfully acted, and devilishly clever, We Are Still Here offers some novel twists on familiar territory -- and heralds the arrival of a major talent in writer-director Ted Geoghegan.

High-Rise (2015) 14,7,63,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 36%, RT Critics: 60%

High-Rise may not quite live up to its classic source material, but it still offers an energetic, well-acted, and thought-provoking take on its timely socioeconomic themes.

London Road (2015) 25,26,80,100

IMDB: 5.3, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 76%

Equal parts enthralling and unsettling, London Road uses an unusual documentary/musical hybrid to tell a grim true-life tale.

Z for Zachariah (2015) 25,28,79,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 79%

Z for Zachariah wrings compelling drama out of its simplistic premise -- albeit at a pace that may test the patience of less contemplative viewers.

Into the Forest (2015) 24,23,74,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 76%

Into the Forest grounds its familiar apocalyptic framework with a relatable look at the bond between two sisters, compellingly brought to life by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood.

Entertainment (2015) 29,26,75,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 80%

As brilliantly and uncomfortably confrontational as its protagonist, Entertainment is a boundary-blurring exercise in cinematic misanthropy that more than lives up to its title.

Time Out of Mind (2014) 26,29,82,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 78%

Time Out of Mind demands patience, yet its noble intentions -- and Richard Gere's committed performance -- are difficult to deny.

Into the Woods (2014) 21,29,75,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 49%, RT Critics: 71%

On the whole, this Disney adaptation of the Sondheim classic sits comfortably at the corner of Hollywood and Broadway -- even if it darkens to its detriment in the final act.

Happy Christmas (2014) 16,14,61,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 38%, RT Critics: 75%

Intelligent, well-acted, and satisfyingly low-key, Happy Christmas marks another step in prolific filmmaker Joe Swanberg's creative evolution.

The Falling (2014) 18,18,71,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 35%, RT Critics: 72%

Well-acted and overall unsettling, The Falling delivers thought-provoking thrills -- and suggests a bright future for writer-director Carol Morley.

They Came Together (2014) 10,8,66,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 39%, RT Critics: 69%

They Came Together is surprisingly messy and perhaps too smart for its own good, but Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd's chemistry is enough to overcome many of the movie's flaws.

Maps to the Stars (2014) 33,18,63,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 44%, RT Critics: 61%

Narratively unwieldy and tonally jumbled, Maps to the Stars still has enough bite to satisfy David Cronenberg fans in need of a coolly acidic fix.

Welcome to Me (2014) 23,26,70,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 73%

A transfixing central performance by Kristen Wiig performance holds Welcome to Me together and compensates for its uneven stretches.

The Two Faces of January (2014) 34,34,80,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 82%

With striking visuals, complex characters, and Hitchcockian plot twists, The Two Faces of January offers a pleasantly pungent treat for fans of romantic thrillers.

Noah (2014) 13,5,79,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 76%

With sweeping visuals grounded by strong performances in service of a timeless tale told on a human scale, Darren Aronofsky's Noah brings the Bible epic into the 21st century.

Do I Sound Gay? (2014) 28,33,68,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 47%, RT Critics: 84%

Do I Sound Gay? proves to be a light, affable, entertaining look at a largely unexplored issue.

Exhibition (2013) 33,33,85,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 87%

Exhibition flouts convention with its untrained stars and impressionistic narrative; thankfully, writer-director Joanna Hogg ties it all together into an intimate, beautifully shot drama.

Willow Creek (2013) 7,6,66,100

IMDB: 5.1, RT Aud: 34%, RT Critics: 86%

Writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait's first foray into horror doesn't break any new ground, but it does wring fresh terror from a well-worn genre formula -- and offers a few nasty laughs in the bargain.

Dhoom:3 (2013) 6,28,70,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 49%, RT Critics: 83%

Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra leap back into action in this explosive sequel from Dhoom and Dhoom 2 writer Vijay Krishna Acharya.

In Fear (2013) 15,19,76,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 82%

Compact and effective, In Fear offers discerning horror fans a smart and disturbing plunge into the depths of cinematic anxiety.

Afternoon Delight (2013) 22,32,61,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 68%

Everything looks just right-chic modernist home, successful husband, adorable child and hipster wardrobe.

The Bling Ring (2013) 8,4,63,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 33%, RT Critics: 60%

While it's certainly timely and beautifully filmed, The Bling Ring suffers from director Sofia Coppola's failure to delve beneath the surface of its shallow protagonists' real-life crimes.

C.O.G. (2013) 23,12,63,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 35%, RT Critics: 69%

C.O.G.'s plot is a bit meandering, but the characters are always compelling and the ending is richly rewarding.

Drinking Buddies (2013) 28,22,83,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 49%, RT Critics: 82%

Smart, funny, and powered by fine performances from Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, Drinking Buddies offers a bittersweet slice of observational comedy.

Grand Piano (2013) 23,26,71,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 47%, RT Critics: 79%

Grand Piano is so tense in its best moments -- and appealingly strange overall -- that it remains rewarding in spite of its flaws.

Night Moves (2013) 28,17,92,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 86%

A uniquely character-driven thriller with a finely composed cast and some outstanding direction from Kelly Reichardt, Night Moves bolsters its thought-provoking themes with compelling drama.

Spring Breakers (2012) 3,1,63,100

IMDB: 5.3, RT Aud: 38%, RT Critics: 67%

Spring Breakers blends stinging social commentary with bikini cheesecake and a bravura James Franco performance.

Killing Them Softly (2012) 32,10,82,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 44%, RT Critics: 74%

Killing Them Softly is a darkly comic, visceral thriller that doubles as a cautionary tale on capitalism, whose message is delivered with sledgehammer force.

Not Fade Away (2012) 33,24,73,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 69%

Exuberant and bittersweet, Not Fade Away is a coming-of-age story set to a British Invasion beat that occasionally meanders but mostly charms.

The Bay (2012) 12,19,72,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 43%, RT Critics: 77%

Barry Levinson's eco-horror flick cleverly utilizes familiar found-footage methods in service of a gruesome yet atmospheric chiller.

Damsels in Distress (2011) 19,11,78,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 39%, RT Critics: 75%

Damsels in Distress can sometimes feel mannered and outlandish, but it's redeemed by director Whit Stillman's oddball cleverness and Greta Gerwig's dryly funny performance.

The Innkeepers (2011) 8,11,77,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 78%

It doesn't break any rules of the genre, but The Innkeepers serves as additional proof that Ti West is a young director that discriminating horror fans can trust.

Friends with Kids (2011) 33,31,71,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 49%, RT Critics: 66%

Sharp, shrewd, and funny, Friends with Kids features excellent performances that help smooth over some of the story's more conventional elements.

The Loneliest Planet (2011) 21,5,80,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 31%, RT Critics: 71%

The source material that inspired The Loneliest Planet may be brief, but this adaptation of a Tom Bissell short story compensates with studious, finely detailed filmmaking, haunting visuals, and thought-provoking subtext.

Haywire (2011) 14,7,82,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 80%

MMA star and first-time actress Gina Carano displays ample action-movie chops in Haywire, a fast-paced thriller with a top-notch cast and outstanding direction from Steven Soderbergh.

Wuthering Heights (2011) 33,19,70,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 68%

Director Andrea Arnold's gritty, naturalistic re-imagining of the Emily Bronte classic stays true to the book's spirit while utilizing an unconventional approach to explore the romantic yearning at the heart of the story.

3 Backyards (2010) 31,22,61,100

IMDB: 5.1, RT Aud: 29%, RT Critics: 76%

The story of four inhabitants of the same suburban town over the course of one curious autumn day.

Road to Nowhere (2010) 28,27,65,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 40%, RT Critics: 80%

There's a murky, tenuous balance between reality and fiction

Greenberg (2010) 29,7,78,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 74%

Greenberg's title character is harder to like than most, but Ben Stiller's nuanced performance and a darkly funny script help take the misanthropic edge off.

Mei loi ging chat (2010) 12,34,66,100

IMDB: 3.5, RT Aud: 9%, RT Critics: 76%

In the year 2080, when solar energy has replaced the need for fossil fuel, oil tycoons create cyborgs to travel back to the past and assassinate the inventor of solar technology.

The Girlfriend Experience (2009) 11,4,67,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 35%, RT Critics: 66%

Steven Soderbergh's latest lo-fi production is strikingly crafted but emotionally vague.

Wake Wood (2009) 15,31,66,100

IMDB: 5.5, RT Aud: 39%, RT Critics: 81%

Still grieving the death of their only child Alice at the jaws of a crazed dog, vet Patrick and pharmacist Louise relocate to the remote town of Wake Wood where a local pagan ritual gives them three more precious days with her.

Duplicity (2009) 33,4,63,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 37%, RT Critics: 64%

Duplicity is well-crafted, smart, and often funny, but it's mostly more cerebral than visceral and features far too many plot twists.

Splice (2009) 14,0,75,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 37%, RT Critics: 74%

It doesn't take its terrific premise quite as far as it should, but Splice is a smart, well-acted treat for horror fans.

Baghead (2008) 33,27,73,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 78%

Pitting actors against murderers in a self-aware struggle for stardom, Baghead successfully skates the borders of horror and comedy.

Beowulf (2007) 31,17,72,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 50%, RT Critics: 70%

Featuring groundbreaking animation, stunning visuals, and a talented cast, Beowulf has in spades what more faithful book adaptations forget to bring: pure cinematic entertainment.

Teeth (2007) 6,13,68,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 79%

Smart, original, and horrifically funny, Teeth puts a fresh feminist spin on horror movie tropes.

Friends with Money (2006) 21,2,75,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 40%, RT Critics: 71%

Stong lead performances, witty dialogue and wry observations cement Friends With Money as another winning dramedy from writer/director Nicole Holofcener.

LOL (2006) 24,25,60,100

IMDB: 4.8, RT Aud: 33%, RT Critics: 100%

The constant need to be plugged in and connected threatens to crash the real-life operating system of three technologically obsessed twentysomethings in director Joe Swanberg's humorous meditation on the relationship between man and machine in modern society.

Black Sheep (2006) 16,20,62,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 53%, RT Critics: 70%

With an outrageous premise played completely straight, Black Sheep is a violent, grotesque, and very funny movie that takes B-movie lunacy to a delirious extreme.

The Last Winter (2006) 17,8,73,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 34%, RT Critics: 76%

The Last Winter creatively and effectively uses horror tactics -- fear, tension, anticipation, and just enough gore -- to shock, but never repulse, its audience.

Sky High (2005) 32,9,71,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 57%, RT Critics: 73%

This highly derivative superhero coming-of-age flick is moderately entertaining, family-friendly fluff.

Land of the Dead (2005) 32,18,75,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 51%, RT Critics: 73%

George A. Romero's latest entry in his much-vaunted Dead series is not as fresh as his genre-inventing original, Night of the Living Dead. But Land of the Dead does deliver on the gore and zombies-feasting-on-flesh action.

Fever Pitch (2005) 33,10,63,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 60%, RT Critics: 64%

While not a home run, Fever Pitch has enough charm and on-screen chemistry between the two leads to make it a solid hit.

The Great New Wonderful (2005) 34,1,68,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 45%, RT Critics: 73%

Set in post-9/11 New York, this largely evocative dramedy interweaves the stories of five disconnected individuals who share an unspoken emotional malaise that shadows their attempts at returning to normal life.

Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004) 17,19,63,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 68%

The humor is less sharp and more warm-hearted this time around, and the characters are enjoyable to revisit.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) 27,2,82,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 71%

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is slim on plot and characterization, but the visuals more than make up for it.

Teacher's Pet (2004) 34,34,69,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 47%, RT Critics: 75%

Despite its short running time, Teacher's Pet is a witty and irreverent family film.

Open Water (2003) 12,0,75,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 32%, RT Critics: 72%

A low budget thriller with some intense moments.

Freaky Friday (2003) 26,4,87,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 57%, RT Critics: 87%

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan charm in Mark Waters' nicely pitched -- and Disney's second -- remake of the 1976 hit.

Robot Stories (2003) 34,33,68,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 52%, RT Critics: 72%

Although its 4 stories vary in quality, Robot Stories is still worth a look for Twilight Zone fans.

Sex Is Comedy (2002) 28,31,63,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 69%

Film director Jeanne is obsessed with directing a difficult sex scene between her young actress and actor who hate each other.

Solaris (2002) 32,7,72,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 59%, RT Critics: 65%

Slow-moving, cerebral, and ambiguous, Solaris is not a movie for everyone, but it offers intriguing issues to ponder.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) 7,5,76,100

IMDB: 5.3, RT Aud: 50%, RT Critics: 79%

A pleasant enough kids flick that adults may even enjoy.

Stuart Little 2 (2002) 5,0,86,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 81%

Stuart Little 2 is a sweet, visually impressive sequel that provides wholesome entertainment for kids.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002) 2,0,75,100

IMDB: 5.1, RT Aud: 38%, RT Critics: 74%

Though the concept is no longer fresh, Spy Kids 2 is still an agreeable and energetic romp.

Dahmer (2002) 17,14,61,100

IMDB: 5.6, RT Aud: 40%, RT Critics: 68%

As he befriends and brings home yet another potential victim in the form of an outgoing young man named Rodney (Artel Kayaru), Dahmer is forced to confront his past as the two grow increasingly close over the course of the evening.

Drumline (2002) 13,28,76,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 70%, RT Critics: 82%

Essentially a sports movie with drums, the energetic Drumline somehow manages to make the familiar seem fresh.

Undercover Brother (2002) 16,3,78,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 64%, RT Critics: 76%

Fast-paced and filled with racial gags, Undercover Brother serves up plenty of laughs and sharp satire.

The Tailor of Panama (2001) 29,17,81,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 76%

The Tailor of Panama is a smart, darkly satirical thriller with exuberant performances from Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey Rush.

Spy Kids (2001) 4,0,91,100

IMDB: 5.4, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 92%

A kinetic and fun movie that's sure to thrill children of all ages.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) 25,3,65,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 52%, RT Critics: 74%

What Jimmy Neutron lacks in computer animation, it makes up for in charm and cleverness.

Nurse Betty (2000) 33,2,91,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 44%, RT Critics: 83%

Quirky in the best sense of the word, Nurse Betty finds director Neil LaBute corralling a talented cast in service of a sharp, imaginative script.

Dick (1999) 30,2,61,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 53%, RT Critics: 70%

A clever, funny slice of alternate history, Dick farcically re-imagines the Watergate era and largely succeeds, thanks to quirky, winning performances from Michelle Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Will Ferrell.

Stuart Little (1999) 17,4,62,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 41%, RT Critics: 66%

Critics say Stuart Little is charming with kids and adults for its humor and visual effects.

Mimic (1997) 19,1,61,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 37%, RT Critics: 59%

Mimic also features Giancarlo Giannini, Josh Brolin, and F. Murray Abraham.

The Borrowers (1997) 18,3,68,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 73%

Mary Norton's children's books about a family of four-inch-tall people who share accommodations with giant "beans" (as in "human bein's") are brought to the screen in beautifully scaled detail, but neither the story nor the characters come alive.

Scream 2 (1997) 26,4,78,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 56%, RT Critics: 81%

As with the first film, Scream 2 is a gleeful takedown of scary movie conventions that manages to poke fun at terrible horror sequels without falling victim to the same fate.

American Buffalo (1996) 26,28,66,100

IMDB: 5.7, RT Aud: 46%, RT Critics: 74%

Most of the story takes place within the junky confines of Don Dubrow's second-hand store.

Kiss of Death (1995) 23,19,64,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 38%, RT Critics: 67%

An outstanding ensemble cast propels Kiss of Death, a noir-ish crime thriller that's slick and big on atmosphere, even if its script may only provide sporadic bursts of tension.

Sirens (1993) 22,10,60,100

IMDB: 5.8, RT Aud: 40%, RT Critics: 73%


The Russia House (1990) 31,20,62,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 50%, RT Critics: 75%

Sean Connery appears as a British publisher who receives a message that if he'll publish a manuscript submitted by a mysterious Russian woman (Michelle Pfeiffer), he may be able to assist Western efforts toward de-militarizing the world.

Mystic Pizza (1988) 34,12,66,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 55%, RT Critics: 77%

Three teenagers learn a lot about life and love one summer in this romantic comedy-drama.

Married to the Mob (1988) 31,14,83,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 48%, RT Critics: 88%

The wife of Mafia hitman Alec Baldwin, Pfeiffer regularly chastizes her husband for his underhanded line of work.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986) 31,10,70,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 52%, RT Critics: 84%

An enjoyable farce that relocates Jean Renoir's Boudu Saved From Drowning to '80s California, offering fine comedic performances from Nick Nolte, Richard Dreyfuss and Bette Midler.

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) 22,4,64,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 62%, RT Critics: 87%

Notable faces include comedian Steven Wright; future indie mainstay John Turturro; future TV stars Michael Badalucco and Laurie Metcalf; punk singer Richard Hell, who also starred in Seidelman's Smithereens; and performance artist Ann Magnunson, who would star in the director's Making Mr.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) 32,19,63,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 49%, RT Critics: 80%

Beyond Thunderdome deepens the Mad Max character without sacrificing the amazing vehicle choreography and stunts that made the originals memorable.

Swing Shift (1984) 31,20,63,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 40%, RT Critics: 92%

One of her coworkers is her best friend Hazel, played by Christine Lahti, whose performance earned an Oscar nomination and a New York Film Critics award.

Splash (1984) 32,10,78,100

IMDB: 6.2, RT Aud: 58%, RT Critics: 92%

A perfectly light, warmly funny romantic comedy that's kept afloat by Ron Howard's unobtrusive direction and charming performances from Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.

Private Benjamin (1980) 30,13,68,100

IMDB: 6.1, RT Aud: 60%, RT Critics: 80%

The 1981-82 TV sitcom spinoff starred Lorna Patterson in Goldie's role, with Eileen Brennan repeating her film characterization of the long-suffering Captain Lewis.

Piranha (1978) 23,7,61,100

IMDB: 5.9, RT Aud: 42%, RT Critics: 72%

Insurance investigator Maggie McKeown (Heather Menzies) is dispatched to find two missing teenage hikers near Lost River Lake.

Cavalcade (1933) 33,31,60,100

IMDB: 6.0, RT Aud: 27%, RT Critics: 59%

Though solidly acted and pleasant to look at, Cavalcade lacks cohesion, and sacrifices true emotion for mawkishness.