Great recent movies

You may find similar information over at Metacritic, but this is a list of movies that take into account two types of audiences (IMDB, RT) and critics, to find the best movies of 2013-2015.

The greatest unknown movies of all time

This is the list for the hipsters - movies that are critically acclaimed but nobody knows about them, yet.

Critically overrated

Critics are often said to prefer the high-brow movies and some of their preferences seem to indicate that they are not quite predispositioned to like what the general lay-person likes.

Critically underrated

Here is a list of movies that the critics really got wrong - they just couldn't quite see what the normal lay-person sees in them.

Overrated by RT audiences

Interestingly, there seems to be a subset of movies that only RT audiences love.

The worst

This is a list of movies that a lot of people have seen, but almost all critics and audiences agree that these movies are awful.


Very basic analysis and plots generated from the comparisons.